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    May 8, 2016

    Nairobi Woman Jailed For Cheating About Pregnancy

    A Nairobi woman has been sentenced to eight months in prison after she was found guilty of cheating about her pregnancy.

    Christine Nashire will now spend the months behind bars for claiming that a nurse at Pumwani Maternity Hospital had stolen her new-born baby.

    The suspect accused the medic of taking advantage of her situation after developing complications and taking away her child, prompting her husband to report the nurse who was later arrested.

    However, the woman was later busted when it turned out that she had lied to her husband in an attempt to escape from her marriage.

    During the ruling, the court heard that medical examinations revealed that Nashire had not delivered at the hospital since she was just nine weeks pregnant.

    Police reports indicated that she had on numerous occasions lied that she had suffered miscarriages but changed her version of the story when ordered to produce the body of the baby for burial.

    Nashire was convicted after admitting that she had lied as a way to dump her husband.

    “I was under pressure since my husband was always asking me about the body of the baby to arrange for burial,” she was quoted by the Standard.

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