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    May 10, 2016

    VIDEO: Raila Explains His Relationship With Obama

    CORD leader Raila Odinga was put on the spot by Al Jazeera journalist Mehdi Hassan over a quote he made in 2008 on BBC World Today, stating that he was a first cousin to US President Barack Obama.

    During the interview, Hassan cornered Odinga by asking: “You once claimed you were first cousins with President Barrack Obama, you are not though, are you?”

    Amid laughter from the live audience, Odinga denied ever making such claims but the journalist quickly fired back with the exact quote from BBC World Today.

    “You told the BBC's World Today in January 2008 that Obama's father was your maternal uncle. But Obama's uncle says no Mr Odinga is not a blood relative," Hassan insisted.

    Under seemingly intense pressure, the former Prime Minister indicated that he had no blood relations with the US President, but his mother and Obama's father were of the same clan.

    They concluded the rather uncomfortable session with Odinga noting that the relationship he had with Obama was only a tribal one.

    President Obama, whose late father was a Kenyan from Kogello in Siaya, rose to power in 2008 and this gave many Kenyans especially those from the Lake Region a sense of belonging.

    Here is the video:

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