Mwanamuziki wa Bongo Flava, Keisha, amepata mtoto wa tatu. Kama hiyo haitoshi, muimbaji huyo amehitimu pia chuo kikuu.

Keisha ameshare furaha hiyo kupitia Instagram: Thanks Allah for blessing me with the big achievement that I have ever made in my life for obtaining my first Degree together with my 5 days new born oohh Allah you are GREAT.”

Amepost pia picha akiwa na mume wake na kuandika:

I’m grateful…happy and blessed…Thank you so much my lovely hubby for being part of my life all the way…It’s a great lucky to have you in my life, Thank you again a loving father of my 3 cute children for your endless love and continued support for making my dreams come true…It’s 100% true that….To any successful woman.. there is a man behind…I LOVE U SO MUCH MY HUSBAND.”

Keisha amehitimu shahada ya ununuzi na ugavi (Bachelor Degree in Procurement and Supplies Management) katika chuo cha CBE

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